Pilates Hiit classes at The Hive Gym, Edgware

What is HIIT Pilates?

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT-Pilates combines the High Intensity Exercises for 30 seconds with a Lower Intensity Pilates Exercise in the ‘rest’ period . The Pilates Exercise helps to align the body and engage the core for the next High Intensity Exercise. It means you get the benefit of the High Intensity Training along with the benefit of Core Muscle Activation.

What is HIIT Pilates?

There is a lot of HIIT Training in the industry at the moment and us indeed a great way of keeping fit, getting lean and reducing body fat. It can however be a problem for the tendons and joints especially the lower limbs. Many of the programmes out there could load the achilles and patella tendons and ankle hip and knee joints. If you have pre-existing joint or tendon problems, are overweight, haven’t exercised for a while or have poor mechanics then you will be extremely vulnerable. The joint and tendon focused warm- up should reduce this risk along with the Pilates sections which should help align the body and activate the ‘core’ to stabilise.

Class Benefits

  • Huge cardiac benefits
  • Increases metabolism
  • High energy and fun workout regime
  • Teaches the muscles to work together efficiently
  • Helps reduce body fat and keeps you lean
  • Allows you to burn calories at a fast rate