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Spinning classes at The Hive Gym, Edgware

What is Spinning?

Spinning is a class that incorporates strength training and cardio HIIT training. It is a 55 minute class split between working on a spin bike and ‘station’ based circuit training. It covers cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance all in one massive hit. The first half is a 25 minute high intensity spin interval class which helps achieve fast results with the addition of motivating/pumping music which not only helps push you to your limits, it also takes you on a musical journey.

The second half of the class is 25 minutes of circuit training which uses a multitude of body conditioning exercises using high intensity aerobic/anaerobic exercises with the aid of weights, step boxes, mat work and body weight (calisthenics).

Who can take part in Spinning?

Spinning classes are aimed at men and women of all ages and fitness standards. Ideally suited for people wanting a cross section of fitness conditioning to help burn body fat faster and get into great shape. The sessions are designed to give you a challenging and full body workout. Beginners are welcome.

What equipment do i need for Spinning?

All you will need is comfortable workout clothes, training shoes, sweat towel and a bottle of water.


  • Increased cardiovascular endurance
  • Enhances cardio vascular endurance
  • Develop your muscular endurance
  • Burns calories as well as tones your body