Spin Circuits

Spinning classes at The Hive Gym, Edgware

Spin Circuits – is a total body workout that involves performing both strength and cardio training exercises.

 The Two elements for this are:
Spinning is a specific format of indoor cycling. Spinning is a cardio workout set to music and led by a certified instructor. Most classes last between 40 and 60 minutes. Spinning is great for people who want a motivating workout that they can control at their own pace. Even if you’re not into choreography-based fitness classes, you can still enjoy Spinning because it involves neither rhythm nor complex moves. It’s low-impact, so it’s very suitable for people who want to balance out higher-impact exercises (like running) or for people who have some joint problems.
Circuits Circuit training is a combination of fast, dynamic and varied resistance exercises designed to be easy to follow. It eliminates fat, builds muscle and encourages cardio fitness. A typical circuit training routine focuses on different parts of the body, including the: upper body, core & lower body. In any typical circuit training workout, expect to do press ups, bench dips, sit-ups, burpees and even skipping this is an example of some of the exercises
What do you require for the lesson: Water, Towel and suitable footwear. The teacher will provide details on this when the customer turns up for class.