What is Abs-Functional?

Abs-Functional is a 40 minute class, designed to tone, build and strengthen the abdominal muscles and increase mobility and muscle strength. Abs-Functional uses various skills and techniques to target the core muscles, including floor routines, full body stretches, and fast paced exercises. Equipment used being mats, Thera resistance bands and weight discs.

Who can take part in Abs-Functional?

This class is for the 6 pack enthusiast looking to get that flat stomach and wanting those abdominal muscles to come through. It’s also for anyone wanting to increase their flexibility as well as wanting to strengthen their core. This class is for any level of fitness including beginners.

What equipment do i need for Abs-Functional?

All you will need is comfortable workout clothes, training shoes, sweat towel and a bottle of water.


  • Stronger core
  • Stronger abdominal muscles
  • Better flexibility
  • Increased mobility
  • Burns up to 400 calories dependent on level of intensity