How to stay healthy, active and happy as a single mum.

Being a mum is tough. Being a single mom that is always on the go is even tougher. You have to work to support your kids, and you have to spend time with your kids as well. Between work and doing what’s right for the children, sometimes mom time seems to fall through the cracks. One of the first things that seem to go when a single mom starts struggling with the time to do it all is working to stay fit and healthy. What many mums don’t realise is the importance of staying active and healthy if you want to be around for your kids in the future. Luckily, there are quite a few tips out there to help the busy single mum be all she can be. Read on below for a few of them.

Get Enough Sleep
One of the best ways to remain active and healthy is by getting your required eight hours of sleep a night. It’s tempting to stay up after the kids are in bed to clean or get work done, but you aren’t doing them or yourself any favours. It’s also important to make sure that the mattress you are sleeping on is not old, lumpy, too soft or too firm. It’s recommended that you switch out your mattress every ten years. If it’s older than that, then it’s probably not promoting a good night’s sleep.

Wake Up Early
While getting enough sleep is needed to remain healthy and active, getting too much sleep can have the opposite effect as well. Try setting some inspiring alarms on your phone to help you get out of bed and get going. The last thing you want to do is hit the snooze button. For example, if your kids are usually out and rolling by 7 am, set your alarm for 5 am, so you can not only have a little time for yourself but work out as well. Even if it’s a walk on the treadmill, you will feel better and the alone time will help prepare your mind for the day ahead.

Eat Healthy
While you’ve probably been told this from the time you could walk, it is important to eat healthy if you want to be fit and stay active. That means cutting down on the eating on the run, though we know it’s tempting to just hit the drive-through on the way to pick the kids up from band practice. There are many great recipes out there for the single busy mom that take no time at all to cook, and you have the bonus of extra family time around the kitchen table as well, making eating healthy a win-win for your entire family.

Utilise Your Lunch Break
If you have a lunch break, even if it’s only 30 minutes, you can utilize that to your advantage, so you get a least a little bit of exercise. If your office doesn’t have an office gym, there are still things you can do during your lunch break. Take a walk around the block, run in place, or even do exercises in your office. Don’t forget to eat something healthy, however, as that’s defeating the purpose if you skip your meal to exercise.

Take Advantage of the Weekend
Take advantage of the many people who are dying to spend time with your children on the weekend. Whether it’s taking a nap at noon, reading a book, catching up on the shows that are recorded from the night before or getting in one more workout, having some ME time is important.

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