Experience:Level 3 Personal Trainer • Nutrition & Supplements • Ketogenic Diets • Bodybuilding & Nutrition • TRX Training


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Gym Instructor


I have been interested in sports and bodybuilding for a very long time. My journey began once I joined the gym to improve my well-being and physical appearance and ever since that day I became best friends with the gym and healthy lifestyle.

I have found inspiration from other people at the gym where I started and they have motivated me to keep pushing above and beyond. I am an enthusiast of healthy living and I take every opportunity to improve my knowledge about diets and supplements, by reading valuable books or attending various courses.

Since I became passionate about gym, I wanted to gain valuable experience within the industry and meet more people who share the same interest. Weight training has always been a favourite of mine and I would like to show people that this type of workout brings amazing results when combined with balanced diet. I have achieved my goals and I would like to support other people on their way to achieving theirs because the satisfaction when you reach what you desired is priceless.